SGL creates walk-on glass roof lights for a Wentworth basement swimming pool

SGL was delighted to design, supply and install 4 supersized walk-on glass roof lights for the basement swimming pool of a prestigious new home on the Wentworth Estate at Virginia Water. The Palladian style house is in a Green Belt setting and siting the basement pool under the garden terrace ensured that the terrace space and open aspect of the site would not be compromised.

The project presented a number of challenges. As this is walk-on glass, privacy and slip resistance were important considerations. At 86mm thick, the SGL Tripelite™ panels needed deep support frames which ideally had to be concealed. And measuring 2.5m in diameter and weighing in at 440Kg each, the lifting and installation of the glass required careful planning.

The result is simply stunning: discreet, completely smooth architectural glass panels that perfectly complement the terrace of this cosmopolitan new development. More about this project