Structural Glass Roof Lights, National Gallery

National gallery

SGL Fadeguard™ Structural Glass Roof lights National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, London

National Gallery Architects required glass roof light panels that would allow high levels of natural daylight to pass whilst filtering ultra violet light.

Exhibitions of priceless artifacts on view in fine natural lighting conditions could not take place without the protection of a glazing envelope. At the same time, the duty of care to visitors meant it was essential that the units met building standards for overhead glazing by incorporating laminated safety glass.

The contractors specified and installed SGL Fadeguard™ ultraviolet resistant glass sealed units to protect the artifacts from suffering degradation by harmful rays in the UV spectrum. Fadeguard™ is a structural laminated safety glass developed and manufactured by Specialist Glass Laminates at our inhouse processing department and is distributed nationwide.

SGL products used: Fadeguard™, Insul Fadeguard ™

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