Basement Skylights for a Belgravia property

basement skylights for a Belgravia property

Basement Skylights for a Belgravia property

With a limited rear garden the owners of this central London property designed the basement layout to retain as much usable floor space as possible but at the same time maximise natural light into the lower levels. The basement had been constructed to extend beyond the original perimeter of the building and up to the boundary of the both the rear and front garden. The client wanted to retain an outdoor patio space at the rear of the building installed at and accessible at ground floor level.

The rear patio was difficult to access, ruling out the use of spider or lorry mounted hiab cranes. Similarly the client wanted to maintain the benefit of the off road parking place at the front of the building but was also keen to allow as much natural light into the new basement below.

Three Triplelite Ultra Insul panels with a dot matrix ceramic frit surface effect were designed, manufactured and installed by SGL to glaze the rear basement roof and provide a small patio area for the enjoyment of the client. Under SGL management each glass panel weighing 290kg was (when the windspeeds were favourable) successfully lifted from the street over the property and lowered gently into position using a hired road crane and hydraulica vacuum lifter. A single smaller Triplelite Trafic Insul panel treated with a light sandblast and Clearshield finish for privacy and antislip was installed over a basement shower room. This allowed natural light into this room whilst allowing the client to continue using the off road parking.

Toughened and Laminated Glass with a Safeguard structural resin interlayer was used in the interior stairwell balustrade and a structural frameless glass box in a supporting powder-coated steel frame added a stylish, unusual and cleverly located roof light feature to the front basement bedroom.

SGL products used
Safeguard Toughened & Laminated Balustrading,Triplelite™ Ultra Insul, Triplelite™ Traffic, Low Iron Toughened Security Glass, Double Glazed Glass Box Window Feature