Architectural glass roof lights for a basement Swimming Pool

SGL Triplelite™ architectural glass roof lights for a basement Swimming Pool in Wentworth, Surrey

The main contractor for this new private development on the Wentworth Estate in Virginia Water, Surrey asked us to design, supply and install 4 large bespoke exterior grade walk-on architectural glass roof light panels to roof a basement swimming pool. The objective was to allow natural light into the basement pool area through light wells, without compromising on available terrace area. Privacy and slip resistance were also considerations.

The basement pool is an important element of this extremely prestigious development and presented a number of challenges, not least the lifting and installation of the supersized and extremely heavy panels. We needed to meet design loads including self weight, snow and wind loading as well as imposed floor loads for single occupancy residential dwellings. The thickness of the panels necessitated a deep support frame which needed to be masked if possible for aesthetic reasons. We also had to eliminate any risk of spontaneous breakage due to naturally occurring impurities and protect against prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Four x 2.5m diameter insulated walk-on glass structural glass composite panels in circular perimeter metal frames, each weighing 440kg. The panels were heat soak tested, toughened and laminated. For privacy and anti-slip properties we treated the surface of each walk-on glass circle with a blanket Sandblast and Clearshield surface sealant GGSRT5.

To meet building regulation requirements, we improved U Values on the panels by bonding circular Vistatherm double glazed units to the underside of the structural glass. In order to mask the 86mm deep support frame for each panel, black screen-printed border effects were applied to the perimeter in the SGL workshop.

The SGL Tripelite™ panels comprised composite toughened glass and were subjected to heat soak testing (HST), an additional process that helps to eliminate the risk of spontaneous breakage due to naturally occurring impurities or exclusions within the tensile areas of the glass. SGL recommends HST for large high value panels, particularly those exposed to prolonged and direct sunlight.

SGL provided and managed a full installation service using specialist glass vacuum lifters (see photos) and cranes. Weatherproofing to the frame and structural upstand were provided to SGL by the main contractor.

The contractor is delighted with the finished panels and their elegant, classic good looks perfectly complement the spectacular terrace to this Palladian-style home. The panels were made by UK residents in the SGL (Specialist Glass Laminates) workshop in Somerset, England.

SGL products used: Glazeguard Triplelite™ Insul, Glazeguard Triplelite™ Ultra, GGSRT 5 Anti-Slip Surface Effect, L Section Perimeter Frame

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