Blackpool Tower Eye – Air Walk. Walk on Glass and Vision Panels using SGL’s Triplelite™ ultra and safeguard laminated glass technology.

Specialist Glass Laminates Products

From balustrades to walk-on glass floors, in infinite variations

As well as being the first UK company to create walk-on glass ceilings and basement skylights, SGL offers a wide range of other laminated safety glass products, all made to measure at our own Wellington workshops in Somerset, all manufactured in toughened safety glass.

Our range includes frameless doors in any shape or size, specially toughened coloured or decorated glass splashbacks and worktops for kitchens, windows, roof lights, skylights, glass partitions and glass balustrades.

All our products are bespoke, made from toughened safety glass and available in variants and finishes which offer additional practical benefits including the following:

Safeguard™ glass, extra tough and shatter proof, making it ideal for structural glazing projects such as roof lights, basement skylights and walk-on glass floors, balustrades, doors and partitions, particularly in public areas.

Fadeguard™ glass for windows and roof lights, used to prevent valuable fabrics, paintings or other materials from UV damage. SGL Fadeguardglass was selected by the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery for their new skylights.

Soundguard glass which provides exceptional sound insulation, making it ideal for studios and auditoriums.

Triplelite™ glass: the product we use for structural glass floors, structural roof lights, walk-on glass for ‘iceberg’ basements and stair treads. Triplelite™ comprises 3 plies of glass, two of which provide the structural support with the third acting as a failsafe layer in the event of failure of one of the other layers through impact damage or spontaneous breakage due to inclusions. Triplelite™ is available in 5 specialist finishes: standard, ultra, traffic access, fire floor and insulation.