Museums and Galleries Service

Laminated Glass for Museums and Galleries

Laminated Glass for Museums and Galleries

A specialist service for artifacts and heritage sites

As approved suppliers to London’s National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, SGL offers a wealth of laminated safety glass experience and design expertise in the galleries and museums sector.

Our portfolio includes structural glass ‘walkways’ over artifacts and heritage sites and also glass well covers, all designed to enable museum or heritage site visitors to safely access ancient buildings and enjoy the experience of a close-up view.

We also supply laminated cabinet glass, with UV protection if required: a popular way of limiting the damage caused by daylight and avoiding the need for fabric covers.

Our work for the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery includes the supply and installation of Fadeguard™ glass for rooflights to protect some of the UK’s most important art. This specially manufactured SGL glass is proving extremely reliable, providing 100% UV protection against fading or light damage. A number of other galleries and museums around the country have chosen this specialist solution for their rooflights and windows.