About Specialist Glass Laminates

About specialist glass laminates

About Specialist Glass Laminates

Leaders and innovators in structural glazing

Specialist Glass Laminates has its background in the innovative manufacturing and design tradition of Pilkington Glass and its roots in the West Country family glazing business Glazeguard. SGL developed and owns many of the UK’s leading laminated safety glass products including Glazeguard, Safeguard™, Fadeguard™, Soundguard and Triplelite™ and its commitment to structural glazing innovation means new and better designs and finishes are constantly being developed.

The company has an artisan approach which draws on some of Europe’s most exciting glass design and manufacturing techniques. Central to this is managing director James Petrini’s cultural ties with Italy, enabling SGL to bring its clients some of the best and newest structural glazing developments in the marketplace.

Quality, safety and a totally bespoke approach are key to every SGL project. Whether you want to discuss basement skylights, walk-on glass floors or glass balustrades for your home, a structural glazing project for a building development or simply an idea you would like to see developed in glass, why not get in touch now? You will find us friendly, approachable and as enthusiastic about your ideas as you are.